Bejewelled Nature

September 18, 2017 JNA SHOW DAILY 0

Designers from the fashion and jewellery worlds alike draw inspiration from flora and fauna, adding their own unique perspective to their creations. Some answer the call of the wild while others let their imagination roam free in idyllic gardens


September 17, 2017 JNA SHOW DAILY 0

Myriad shades of blue make an appearance on fashion catwalks in a show of elegance and creativity. Jewellery designers are just as enamoured with the colour’s versatility in the gemstone world, from the richness of sapphires and the tranquillity of aquamarines to the crisp dynamism of tanzanites and the electrifying


September 16, 2017 JNA SHOW DAILY 0

The fashion world reengineers the codes of design by offering modern interpretations of traditional forms and adding novel twists to established silhouettes. This wave of innovation extends to jewellery circles where designers bestow a contemporary slant on their masterpieces.


September 15, 2017 JNA SHOW DAILY 0

Linear patterns, circular cutouts and angular forms bestow a modern, stylish vibe on the creations of fashion and jewellery designers alike, belying the market’s enduring fascination with all things geometric.


September 14, 2017 JNA SHOW DAILY 0

Colour gradations are rife this season in the fashion world. Pastels combine to form an ethereal whole just as solids ease into each other smoothly and seamlessly in an enchanting balance.Gems and jewellery have likewise perfected the art of blending colours for subtle looks or striking contrasts.  

Bouquet of style

September 13, 2017 JNA SHOW DAILY 0

Fashion’s floral prints this season instill a confident femininity in attractive silhouettes. Blossoms catch the eye both in kaleidoscopic flourishes and as subtle details. Jewellery designers are just as inspired in their alluring floral renditions.