March 4, 2018 Fiona Wong 0

Shine bright and bold with metallic touches in fashion and jewellery choices. Warm golden tones from lustrous South Sea pearls or just the sheen of luxurious metals add shimmer to any outfit, heightening the level of glamour and sophistication.  

Parade of Colours

March 3, 2018 Fiona Wong 0

Gems of exceptional brilliance and intense colours evoke a timeless world of harmony and beauty. Bejewelled creations stem from the most creative of minds, inspired by nature, fashion or the environs.  

Fiery beauties

March 2, 2018 Fiona Wong 0

Whether in classic, elegant styles or modern, eclectic designs, red jewellery never fails to impress. Command attention with these mesmerising masterpieces that are drawing the crowds at the show.  


March 1, 2018 Fiona Wong 0

Jewellers’ passion for the finest of gems shines through as they meld creativity and expertise in fascinating creations. Gems speak volumes, whether set in enchanting designs or standing regally by their resplendent lonesome.    


February 28, 2018 Pansy Lo 0

  Jewellery trends change constantly, but comfortable, stylish, edgy and versatile designs whose silhouettes easily adapt from day to night are sure to last a lifetime. Here are some enchantingly elegant creations that will never go out of style.