Italian jeweller pays tribute to the modern woman

‘Mylady’ necklace and earrings with red corals from the Mediterranean, rubies and diamonds by De Simone Fratelli Srl


De Simone Fratelli Srl is celebrating the beauty and sophistication of women with Mylady, a collection of high-end coral and diamond jewellery.

Inspired by a woman determined to fulfill her dreams, the collection brings to life the personality of a dreamer – romantic yet strong-willed. She has a zest for adventure and discovery, and loves to share and create beautiful moments, the company said. “A woman committed to her soul, wise and elegantly daring; she knows herself because she chases her dreams with strength and courage – that’s what Mylady represents,” De Simone said.

The collection is headlined by a bespoke necklace embellished with high-quality Moro corals of exceptional lustre and colour, combined with diamonds and rubies in a precious puzzle of gems and craftsmanship.

Soft and sinuous lines frame the neck of the wearer, adding elegance to the piece, according to De Simone.

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