Karp’s spectacle of brilliance

‘Grandeur’ diamond necklace and earrings
‘Grandeur’ diamond necklace and earrings

Karp Jewellery Mfg HK Ltd is regaling buyers at the International Jewellery Show with its extensive selection of beautiful diamond jewellery. Basking in the limelight at its booth this year are elegant, basic diamond jewellery pieces with illusion setting as well as bridal and necklace sets.

The company however takes pride in its wide inventory of diamond jewellery designs that enables it to meet every preference, occasion and price point. “As we understand the diversified needs of consumers in different markets, we have a huge design team that helps our customers identify and cater to various niches with our expansive range of products,” it said.

The Exclusive Solitaires line features exquisite, round diamonds, while the Feng Huang Collection encompasses a palette of fancy colour diamonds. The Grandeur range, for its part, blends modern and classic designs, and the TRIA Solitaire line celebrates treasured moments with some of the most brilliant and valuable diamonds crafted to the utmost perfection, the company said.

Diamond ring from the Feng Huang Collection
Diamond ring from the
Feng Huang Collection
‘Tria Solitaire’ diamond ring
‘Tria Solitaire’
diamond ring

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